Be an Entrepreneur, Not a Firefighter

Many kids grow up dreaming of becoming a firefighter – running into burning buildings, saving people, driving the big rig through town as other cars pull off to the side…it sounds like a dream job.  

 But things have a way of changing as you get older, and maybe you discovered a passion for accounting or bookkeeping instead. That passion led you to create a thriving business with employees across geographies and clients from almost every walk of life.

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 The problem is, even though your day-to-day duties are far removed from throwing yourself into harm's way, you’re still spending too much time as a de-facto firefighter. But instead of literal fires, and without even the benefit of the cool uniform, you’re putting out figurative fires behind the scenes with your firm’s inefficient workflows or time consuming routines.  

Tasks pending for days together, some staff members continuously slogging  for days and nights while other members lagging behind even basic tasks, the firm’s data all over the place, and no proper communication or coordination among the team members. Each concern, once minor, has now grown to be wildfire wading into the efficiency and productivity of your firm.

It is time for you to put on the firefighter’s hat and take control of the situation. Just like the firefighter you need sophisticated tools and techniques to deal with the fires in your business and Qount will do exactly that. Qount equips you with a state-of-art practice management software which not only allows you to bring order back to your house but also allows to make important choices for scaling your business, efficiently and effectively. 

Running a practice is more than just crunching numbers and producing financials.Managing clients, understanding client’s areas of concerns, offering consultancy and advisory services, managing your employees, motivating them to be more productive at work, helping your employees to learn and grow, and the list just goes on and on. So, how do you manage everything? Like the firefighter,  you need tools to deal with the situation in your practice, not just any tools, tools which understand your business and scale along with your business. Tools that bring in agility and flexibility to your business at the same time allow you to take complete control of everything happening in the practice.

Qount: Way beyond practice management

At Qount, we value efficiency. Our software revolutionizes the way you manage your firm and enable you to maintain day-to-day control on every minute detail of your business, with as much or as little help as you need from our team. 

Our software integrates everything your firm needs. From on-boarding, collaboration, document management, tasks, workflows, payment processing to project tracking, everything at one place creating a fully integrated experience for you and your customers. In short, do what you do best and leave us the rest.  

The analytics feature of Qount is exactly what you need to keep your business in control. The easy to read Trackers and Dashboards can be filtered using employees, customers, account types, output, customer engagement and more to help you increase productivity, scalability, and profitability. 

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Uday Koorella