Be an Entrepreneur, Not a Firefighter

Many kids grow up dreaming of becoming a firefighter – running into burning buildings, saving people, driving the big rig through town as other cars pull off to the side…it sounds like a dream job.  

 But things have a way of changing as you get older, and maybe you discovered a passion for technology instead. That passion led you to create a business that employs numerous people and provides a popular and cutting-edge product or service.

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 The problem is, even though your day-to-day duties are far removed from throwing yourself into harm's way, you’re still spending too much time as a de-facto firefighter. But instead of literal fires, and without even the benefit of the cool uniform, you’re putting out figurative fires behind the scenes with your company’s lackluster accounting practices.   

The balance sheets are off, the bills aren’t getting paid on time, and your cash flow is nowhere near where you think it should be. And each of these fires you’re being called on to put out is taking time away from the aspects of your business that could drive growth.   

If it’s time to put away the firefighter hat, get your finance office in order and get back to what you do best, then you need to call Qount.   

At Qount, we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we know the importance of keeping finances in order. If the accounting is in shambles, then it’s like a fire jumping from room to room, which means more damage and more resources needed to contain it.   

Accounting is so much more than counting the money in and money out – it’s forecasting, cash management solutions, short- and long-term budgeting, taxes, payroll -- the list goes on and on. We understand that your expertise in your industry doesn’t necessarily equate to an expertise in those elements, and that’s where Qount can come in and help put out your fires.   

Qount is re-inventing how companies can do their finances. With our Software with Service, we give you the tools to maintain day-to-day control over your company’s finances, with as much or as little help as you need from our team. Our experts are always on call to offer assistance, with no question too insignificant to answer.   

Our software can handle all aspects of your company’s accounting needs, from long-term forecasting to day-to-day payroll issues. Working in tandem with the software and our experts, we provide a full suite of accounting services – it's like having a CFO right there on your computer. Once you start leveraging our Software with Service, you can be on your way with help from our experts as often or as little as you need it.   

On the other hand, if you don’t have the interest or ability to tend to it via the software, we offer a Do It For Me model – which sounds exactly like what it is – Qount handles all aspects of the finances.   

Naturally, as the business owner you’re still involved – we answer any question and meet with you as often as you like. But if your hands are full on a day-to-day basis, and you don’t have the capacity to run finances yourself through our software, we can take that stress completely off your plate.   

 Traditionally, business owners looking to manage their accounting need have had three options, and each carries significant cost and/or risk for a business owner:

  1. DIY Software: They install it and then work through it on their own. It’s cheaper than the other options, but it leaves them without a lot of support. What happens when they hit a roadblock? What if it crashes? What if they have questions about the data they're seeing from it? For many they feel marooned on an island.    

  2. Hire an accounting firm: Sure, they get the work done, but it’s costly and that small business isn’t necessarily their top priority. The business owner might be left to the whims of the person they’re dealing with, while still getting billed the same regardless. And how responsive are they to questions or concerns?  

  3. Hire a team: Yes, the work gets done. But the overhead costs of hiring additional staff can be make-or-break decisions for business owners. You get the personal touch, but at a significant cost that may overextend the finances the team has been hired to manage. 

Enter Qount  

Qount is a pioneering way for businesses to handle their bookkeeping, payroll and taxes with Software with Service (SWS) or DIFM (Do It For Me) options, giving business owners two different choices for running their accounting.     

Qount’s cutting-edge software can handle every aspect of a company’s accounting needs: payroll, taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable – it’s like having a virtual CFO. Our software is intuitive and easy-to-use, even for financial novices.   

With easy-to-use tools, intuitive features, and insightful dashboards, Qount makes managing finance a breeze while also helping you with insightful data of your business. Among its capabilities: 

  • Auto-import and auto-categorization to make bookkeeping a breeze  

  • Workflows to allow for streamlined payment of bills  

  • Seamless integration of all financial ledgers  

  • Employee refunds and reimbursements  

  • Revenue recognition  

  • Easy-to-use invoicing  

  • Reporting on multi dimensions  

  • Credit card processing via integration with Stripe  

  • Intelligent and insightful data to drive businesses  

  • Month-to-date snapshot  

Most importantly, it’s not just the day-to-day bookkeeping that Qount can handle - good accounting software should not only tell you what your finances look like, but it must empower data-driven decisions. Qount's numerous dashboards, KPIs, metrics, and financial analytics are designed to uncover powerful insights for everyone ranging from finance gurus to even the least financially savvy founders.   

It allows business owners to get the numbers they need, whenever, wherever, and however they want. With Qount, you can look at the big picture and use it for long-term forecasting and planning. But besides the 10,000-foot view, you can also use Qount to simply get a handle on tracking daily cash flow or weekly payroll.  

Qount is a bookkeeping software, a business management solution, and financial analytics rolled into one.  

Enter the Qount Team

What also sets Qount apart is that we’re much more than a software company. Qount has a team of financial experts just a click away, ready to help business owners with all their questions and concerns.   

Qount offers free, expert consultations on a company's financial questions -- ranging from audit preparations to company valuations. Our experts have extensive finance backgrounds and are consummate professionals. No question is too big or too small for our team, who are always just a click or a call away, ready to help your business with its financial needs.   

Our magic potion consists of efficient bookkeepers, tax and payroll specialists, and compliance experts. All of them come together to build a tailor-made finance and accounting ecosystem that can handle and integrate tasks ranging from importing bank statement to filing year-end taxes for your business.     

In short, your business gets its own finance and accounting team. Your team will not only make sure you are accounted but will also help you understand key KPIs that drive the health of your business; including your book and bank balances, payment aging, cash runway, operational expense ratios, etc. Your team will provide insightful financial reports to understand your business in depth, in addition to creating reports required by investors, lenders, and other financial stakeholders.   

You can count on our experts for help in areas such as:

  • Reconciliations of all your accounts and financial integrations you use  

  • Set up and run payroll  

  • Define chart of accounts and dimensions to measure your business performance  

  • Deliver accurate, on-time financial statements  

  • Manage bill payments and invoices  

  • Receipt matching and employee refund management  

  • Tax filing and compliance  

  • Incorporate and structure your company to reflect your scaling needs  

  • Prepare and file all federal, state, and city compliance and tax forms  

  • Maximize your small business tax deductions and credits (including R&D)  

  • Issue 1099's  

  • FBAR reporting  

  • Federal and State Income & Franchise Tax Return Prep

We make sure that your company's accounting is running smoothly, and that no balls are getting dropped. Your cash flow is always under analysis, payroll is running smoothly, and accounts receivables and payables are a well-oiled machine.   

 If you want to check in with us every day and see how it's going – that's great. If you want to talk weekly, or even monthly, that's up to you. You're as involved as you want to be. But you have the peace of mind knowing that our experts are handling every detail, allowing you to focus on what made you go into business in the first place.   

To find out how Qount can help your company revolutionize its accounting, you can chat with one of our experts to see just how it can work for you, and then choose from a variety of packages designed to meet and exceed the needs of your business.   

At Qount, we don’t have trucks, hoses or axes. We also don’t have really cool helmets. And ok, maybe we don’t throw anyone over our shoulder and carry them through flames and out of a building. But if the flames coming from an underserved finance department are starting to engulf your company, Qount can show up and douse the fire.   

Get a 30-Minute Consultation with a Financial Expert

You can get started with Qount with a 30-minute consultation with one of our finance experts. During your 30-minute consultation, that expert will understand the scope of your business needs:  

  • Your current processes and the tools used for accounting, payroll, and taxes  

  • The current state of your business and its goals  

  • The time you invest in supporting your back office day-to-day  

Talk to one of our Finance experts to see how Qount can help you focus on what you do the best: Grow your business. 


Uday Koorella