Bookkeeping Done for You

Accurate financial statements every month

Bookkeeping is the last thing you want to be worrying about. With Bench, you can count on your books being up-to-date and finished on time, every time.

A team to track every detail

Tax time doesn't leave room for errors. Having a team of bookkeepers ensures accuracy for your books and peace of mind for you.

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Year End Support

Neatly organized year-end financials

Your Bench bookkeeping team will package up all your monthly financial statements at year end, so you don't have to scramble.

Tax time support

We don't want you to worry about filing your taxes, so we'll work directly with your CPA to make sure that tax season goes smoothly.

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Experts You Can Count On

We know what your business needs to run smoothly

We're experts at bookkeeping and we know what it takes to be tax compliant. You can be sure you're getting the work you need.

We can answer your questions

Running a business can bring up more questions than answers. That's why we're here to answer questions whenever you need us.

We grow with your business

Your bookkeeping needs will evolve over time. We'll stay on top of these changes and ensure you're always getting the support you need.

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Intuitive Software

Simple Messaging

Our software was built to talk, and makes it easy to communicate with your bookkeeping team. Receive messages from your team and send comments and questions quickly within Bench.

Third Party Access

Keep your accountant, employees, and partners in the loop with multiple logins to your Bench account, making things easier for them and for you.

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Background Checks

All Bench employees go through a rigorous screening process, including multiple interviews and a criminal record check. You can feel secure with Bench on your team.

Entirely In-House

We're based in North America and all bookkeeping is done in-house. We don't outsource your bookkeeping or send your data overseas - and we never will.

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Simpler accounting software lets you understand your business better.