Invoicing Integration Made Easy


Qount is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with PaymentSpring as our preferred payments solutions partner.

We needed a partner that could help us provide a unified accounting and payment solution—a solution that could help our clients track how much it costs them to acquire and keep—and lose—customers.

PaymentSpring proved to be the perfect fit. They’re a developer-driven company that allows software platforms and organizations to easily use their technology and grow their business or mission.

We’re particularly excited to have found a new payment gateway partner that shares our start-up oriented mindset and provides personal, timely support that will allow our users to have the quickest possible invoice processing.

“The entire experience of integrating with PaymentSpring was a breeze,” Qount co-founder Uday Koorella said.

That’s no exaggeration. While we’d planned on a two-week integration process, the integration was completed in less than two days.

“There is more to a partnership than handing over an API and saying ‘good luck,’” Brian McGarry, PaymentSpring’s senior vice president of sales said. “The integration process is a non-issue. Our software partners should be focused on enhancements to their product and not bogged down with incorporating payments. We offer a platform for differentiated value-added services and it has to be easy to access.”

Accounting and Tax Firms using Qount should have a similarly seamless experience. The biggest benefit of the partnership is the union of practice management software and payment gateway allowing near real-time deep dive into business and finance analytics.

“For the user, all of it pretty much happens like magic,” Koorella said.

With PaymentSpring, all methods of payment—credit card, ACH and mobile—are captured through Qount’s software and within PaymentSpring’s Gateway, giving merchants the most up-to-date metrics.

If you’re ready to experience the magic of integrated accounting and payments for yourself, just say the word.