How Qount helped Appsky


Hi, Taylor! Can you tell us a little about how you found your calling?

When I graduated from UNOmaha’s IT Innovation Program in 2016, I was already freelancing in iOS development. A lot of that program focuses on business development, product development, and the technical side of things. That program helped me to find my passion for mobile development, and spin a career out of it. 

How was Appsky formed?

While working with local clients, I figured there’s this huge gap between what the development companies in Omaha were offering and what the people of Omaha were wanting. Based on my extensive freelancing experience, I validated the idea that there needs to be this new type of development experience. I wanted to provide something that was approachable and affordable, and Appsky Labs was formed – a unique development company focused on improving many areas of the local community through affordable software. We provide services such as web development, graphic designing/branding, app development, video production, and SEO. 

How satisfying is it to run something of your own?

It feels very fulfilling, to put it mildly. It was just me at first, but as our client base started to expand, we had to hire more developers and diversify our business. Being your own boss is the best perk of my job!

How did you manage bookkeeping before Qount?

We tried a number of bookkeeping options before Qount happened to us. First, we hired a local CFO to keep our books, then we hired a team of accountants for the job, before moving to buy an automated accounting software, that would work more like a robot, to keep our books. But, after we partnered with Qount, keepings books has been as smooth as butter!

appsky_small copy.png

What about Qount excited you the most?

First things first – their uncanny understanding of startups and how uniquely they’re run. This approach of theirs has helped them create a tailor-made bookkeeping solution for startups and middle-sized businesses that makes bookkeeping and accounting a breeze. They know what works the best, which data matters the most, and which figures are the least important.

Secondly, it’s their team of dedicated finance experts that keep our books. As in the case of using a software to automate accounting, no one cares if your numbers are messed up. We know it’s not a robot with Qount that’s managing our accounts, but a group of experienced accounts professionals who’re as deeply invested in our business as we are. The team of passionate bookkeepers, who besides delivering accurate books every month, also share critical analytical reports that help us take our business to a new height. 

What do you like the most about Qount?

Two things – their seamless collaboration between their software and the service they offer, and their customer support. Whenever we have contacted Qount – be it dawn, or dusk – their prompt customer service has been as quick as a flash. Snap, and it’s sorted! 

Is there anything about your business that you wish you had done differently?

Frankly, it’s all been good so far, except our hate-only relationship with bookkeeping. We wish we had partnered with Qount right from our initial days because after Qount happened to us, we save about 6 hours per month of gruesome accounting work, which is priceless.